I had the misfortune of traveling by a PIA flight PK 574 from Multan to Lahore the other day. It was a memorable flight. There was no room between the two seats. I tried my best to squeeze my legs between the space but it was just not possible. Above that the bulky gentleman sitting on the seat ahead of me began reclining, pushing the back of his seat his seat almost into my mouth. By the time the plane landed at Lahore after an hour of dreadful ordeal my legs were totally benumbed. There was a time when there were two daily flights to Multan and back. In one of these two flights, a bigger plane was operating which carried over 150 passengers. The other one was smaller which carried only 60 or 70 travelers. Now there is only one flight with a smaller plane. Since the PIA wants to put more and more passengers in the smaller plane the space between every two seats have been considerably reduced overlooking the comfort of the passengers. If the condition in the lanes has to remain the same, I suggest PIA should take the following measures. 1. People with height over 5 feet should not be allowed to travel on Lahore- Multan-Lahore flight. 2. Passengers over 50kg should not be allowed to board the plane even if they have a valid ticket. 3. Passengers over 15 years of age should not be allowed to board this flight even if they have valid tickets.-SHAHID RAJPUTANI, Multan, March 24.