Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said the special initiatives of the government including Benazir Bhutto Income Support Program, Wasila-e-Haq Program, Green Tractor Scheme and Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan project started during the two years, helped mitigate economic difficulties of the people.In a message on the completion of two years of the democratic government, Gilani said,we can also justifiably take pride in our accomplishments in various sectors including agriculture, social sector, poverty alleviation, defence, foreign relations and the war against terrorism. He said these steps speak volumes for the earnest efforts and sincere pursuit to resolve the issues and strive for prosperity of the people. By the grace of Allah Almighty on completion of two years service of the nation, it is time to review the progress. The performance and functioning of the government clearly manifests as how the struggle of people for democracy has ensured a clear direction, he added. The Prime Minister said a review of two years in office by the PPP-led coalition government helps in reaching the conclusion that gigantic political, economic and security challenges have amicably been addressed. Learning from constructive criticism, Gilani said, the government has taken definite steps to ensure good governance. The government is conscious of the high expectations which the people have placed on its functioning and is accordingly formulating a resolute course of action, he said adding, It will indeed, take more time to leave behind the legacy of a decade long dictatorial rule and steer the country towards prosperity. He noted that the hallmark of PPP-led coalition government remained the policy of reconciliation and consensus in addressing internal and external issues. Humility not arrogance and understanding not confrontation were the guiding principles for the government which promoted a culture of debate and dialogue in the parliament, he added. He said the government also demonstrated its commitment to ensure the supremacy of parliament. In the domain of foreign relations, the government pursued tangible steps to promote relations with time-tested friends like China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, he added. The Prime Minister said efforts against terrorism were pursued in close coordination with the coalition partners including the United States and United Kingdom. Bilateral relations with India were handled on the basis of mutual self-respect. We were able to project our position on issues such as Kashmir dispute and water accord in a far more convincing manner before the international community for greater appreciation and support. He said Pakistan is today confident of the support of friends and allies in international community and has better credibility with all international organizations. Pakistan is now marching ahead with greater respect of international community and a more cogent support of its people to evolve a democratic culture supportive of collective wisdom and economically viable infrastructure for a prosperous and better Pakistan, the message concluded.