LAHORE - Arrested Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Imran Babar Jamil Wednesday challenged in the Lahore High Court (LHC) the judicial inquiry held by district & session judge on the basis of which police arrested the suspended DSP by registering several FIRs against him. DSP Imran Babar Jamil through his counsel Barrister Farooq Hassan filed an appeal in the Lahore High Court against the judicial inquiry. His counsel stated that the judicial inquiry was not completed according to legal requirements and it appeared to be biased. The counsel further said that the D&SJ did not allow cross-examination on statements of the concerned SPs who were accused of pressurising the petitioner for the release of alleged robbers. Barrister Farooq said the sessions judge regrettably revealed his own bias against the petitioner by using various phrases in his inquiry report, which suggested that the report was neither neutral nor objective. The inquiry report starts with pejorative description of the petitioner that he appeared flanked by host of advocates, counsel said, adding that it was clear that this phenomenon probably caused prejudice in the mind of sessions judge who had not been used to such adulation for a policeman by the legal community. It has been prayed that the inquiry report of sessions judge be declared not having any evidentiary value. The judicial inquiry might be re-convened either by LHC or by any judge of subordinate judiciary. And respondent police high ups be restrained from taking any punitive action against petitioner and his life and liberty may be protected in accordance with law, counsel further prayed.