KARACHI (APP) - The KESC Power Ltd has subscribed to 54.25 million un-subscribed right shares of minority shareholders for more than Rs 189.889 million. According to a communique sent to KSE by the power supply company here Wednesday, the process of subscription of 14.50pc right shares has been completed. It may be noted that KES Power Ltd, the managing company had already fully subscribed to its 72.17pc portion of 14.5pc right issue amounting to over Rs 6.317b. Similarly, the GoP had also fully subscribed to its 25.66pc portion of the said right issue amounting to more than Rs 2.245b. But the minority shareholders had subscribed in an amount of Rs 0.232m against the offered right share of Rs 190.121m, leaving an un-subscribed amount of Rs 189.889m. KESC had issued 2.501b ordinary or 14.50pc right shares at a discount price of Rs 3.5 per share to generate Rs 8.751b to finance the expansion of transmission and distribution network and system improvement and loss reduction projects.