LAHORE - (PR) The Lahore Press Club (LPC) arranged a reference for its late senior council member, renowned journalist and prominent writer and author Muzaffar Muhammad Ali here on Wednesday. A large number of journalists attended the reference and talked about Muzaffar Muhammad Alis life and personality. Rauf Tahir said while talking about M M Ali that after a month of his departure, I can still feel his presence in this edifice and he will be remembered for years and I will miss him till my last breath. He was progressive and liberal person but was also very much attached with our own traditions and rituals, he added. He said that M M Ali was a man of ideas and commitment. Bilal Sarmadi read his essay about M M Ali at the reference and said that the deceased was a sparkling star on the sky of journalism. He told that M M Alis first collection of short stories was this much wonderful that a large number of famous authors and critics really appreciated it and asked him to keep on going this way. Taseer Mustafa told that he knew M M Ali for last 25 years when the deceased joined Jang Publications. Though we had different points of view about certain things, yet we enjoyed a really good relation, he added. He said M M Ali was a very courageous and generous man and that is the reason that his small office in newspaper was usually full of his colleagues, journalists, politicians and authors. I met him in Fresno where I was representing Lahore as both the places have sister-cities status with each other, told Dr Awais Farooqi. He was a strongly pro-Pakistani, whose simplicity and patriotism impressed everyone in the states, he added. He said M M Ali was an unsung hero, who always used to thank the Almighty Allah, even during his toughest circumstances. Famous poet and author Amjad Islam Amjad said that M M Alis life is a story of encouragement for the have-nots. Most of the self-made people have their certain complexes, but M M Ali was among those who are exceptional precedents, he added. He said the deceaseds commitment with life will be remembered for centuries. Saeed Azhar, Khalid Kashmiri, LPCs President Sarmad Bashir and the deceaseds elder son Ali Irfan also spoke on the occasion and paid homage to M M Ali. Siddique Azhar conducted the stage during the ceremony.