The news item carried by the Daily the News titles Sahil to get free PIA tickets for 5 years. If true, this is amazing. It is not comprehensible as to why and for what purpose such a great generosity has been shown by the MD of PIA and the airline which itself is under heavy debt and has become a burden on the national exchequer. Is the boy being compensated or the difficulties faced by him during the period he remained hostage? Or the MD, somehow thinks that the boy was kidnapped due to some negligence of the PIA? Whatever the reason might be, the airline is not in a position to indulge in such luxuries as to allow someone free travel for five years. Therefore, the government ought to take strong measures against discretionary use of powers by the MD or other high-ups involved in corporation in order to save the National Airline from falling into a financial labyrinth difficult to get out.-RAJA SHAFAATULLAH, Islamabad, March 22.