ISLAMABAD (APP) - There has been continuous rise in poultry prices in the country, as the prices have risen two-fold from Rs 70-75 per kg to Rs140-145 per kg during last year. The continuous hike in prices has reduced the demand of poultry products, particularly chicken. Due to high prices, the domestic and commercial use of chicken has also decreased where as the prices of chicken cooked in hotels has gone out of the reach of common man. According to Chairman of Rawalpindi and Islamabad Poultry Association Naeem Abbasi the prices of chicks have increased from Rs 14 per bird to Rs 86 per bird during last two months which has now come down to Rs.73. He said the total cost incurred on a chick is Rs.14 only, including all inputs. But he regretted that a mafia , on behlf of some vested interest, was out to destroy the whole industry. He alleged that this mafia in the feed industry, has also increased the prices of feed upto Rs. 180 per 50 kg bag as compared to last month. However, the prices of its ingredients like rice, maize and wheat, remain constant, he addede. He was of view that some elements wanted to create shortage of the commodity in the open market to defaming the government. Naeem Abbasi said that there were about 40,000 poultry farms and slaughter houses in Rawalpindi division and Islamabad which were providing livelihood for about 400,000 to 500,000 people including medical stores and paramedics. Beside this, he said that there were thousands of open sheds in Chakwal, Jehlum, Talagung, Attock and Murree areas which were also closed down. He urged the government to take notice of the situation and take steps for provision of poultry products on reasonable rates.