There are reports in the media that a high level Pakistan delegation has reached Washington for holding strategic talks with US and that Pakistani team has made all preparations for putting forth Islamabads concerns about war on terror, drone attacks, sovereignty and solidarity stakes as well as nuclear assets and their foolproof security. I avail this opportunity to suggest that Pakistani delegation should also raise the pertinent multi-billion question at these strategic talks as to why Washington is so much concerned about Pakistans nuclear arsenal as the US officials talk on this subject more than any thing else. If Pakistan could make an atomic bomb then it surely and certainly is capable of ensuring safety of the nuclear assets at all costs. Besides expressing unfounded apprehensions about Pakistans nuclear assets, the US government functionaries as well as the media also continue to publish every now and then some reports about nuclear proliferation by scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. These reports are published in the US media as well as the other Western media despite repeated assurances by Pakistan at the highest level of the President and the Prime Minister that the nuclear assets are in safe hands. All these reports are only fanning and promoting misunderstanding and mistrust and giving rise to irritants between Islamabad and Washington, both of which claim to be old allies and friends.-QAZI IKRAMUL HAQ, Lahore, March 22.