Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Thursday said that he was satisfied after the Strategic Dialogue with the US and the ties between two sides has transformed into a partnership. Today, we have a partnership. And hopefully, this partnership will turn the tide in our favour -- hopefully, in our mutual favour, Mr. Qureshi told a press conference with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Today, I am a happy man and a satisfied man, he said in his opening remarks at the press conference where Clinton termed the Pakistans request for a civilian nuclear deal as complicated issue and ruled out any mediatory role for the US in resolving Indo-Pak issues. I am satisfied because you finally agreed to many things that weve been sharing over our discussions in the last two years. I suggested to Madame Secretary that if you want this relationship to become a partnership, youve got to think differently. You got to act differently. And youve got to upgrade the level of our engagement. And she agreed, Mr. Qureshi said. He said the two countries have agreed to fast-track the requests that have been pending for months and years on the transfer of military equipment to Pakistan. The people of Pakistan expected a different kind of an approach. The people of Pakistan expected a democracy to treat a democracy differently. And youve done so. And that is why I am satisfied, and that is why I think we are going to move from a relationship to a partnership, Mr. Qureshi said, praising Ms. Clintons role in improving relationship with Pakistan. Qureshi said the Obama Administration has agreed to give the Reconstruction Opportunity Zone legislation a priority, which would result in duty free export of goods manufactured in designated areas to the US. He further said US and Pakistan have agreed on speedy disbursement of the Coalition Support Fund. We have agreed to put in place a mechanism which is mutually acceptable, which is transparent, which takes into account accountability, but that delivers, and delivers in time, he said. We have agreed in this interaction that the substantial sum will be paid to Pakistan by the end of April and the remaining will be settled by the end of June, Mr. Qureshi said.