KARACHI - Two important fire stations - one in Baldia Town industrial zone and the other at Maripur Truck Stand - have become non-functional due to the alleged negligence of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).
The fire station at Maripur Truck Stand was set up by the former City District Government Karachi (CDGK) in the year 2000. The fire station of Baldia Town was set up in 1998 on a 10-acre piece of state land on the demand of transporters and industrialist.
Sources said that the fire station near Maripur Truck Stand was lying closed for the past two years. Now, it is being used for parking cars. The boundary wall of the station had been broken down since long.
Various transport unions have shown deep concerns over the sorry state of affairs of the fire station.
The fire station in Baldia Town works for only 12 hours a day. A big portion of the station is being used by dairy farmers illegally. The business community says that unavailability of fire-fighters at the said station is a point of concern for them. KMC Director Services Dr Shaukat Zaman said that the fire station near the truck stand in question was not closed, but transferred to SITE area. He refuted that the station land was in private use.