KARACHI - The weekly closure of the CNG stations for 24 hours in the economical hub of the country has become a nightmare for motorists, transporters and thousands of commuters, as the gas suspension affects the daily life of the citizens, especially those who have professional liabilities.
The continuous weekly postponement of CNG in the city has spoken volume about the meagre performance of the authorities concerned. Energy experts and citizens as well have strongly condemned the government performance in the energy sector, and said that there is still gas suspension problem in the province despite the fact that weather has changed especially in Karachi. Shortfall of gas has exposed the tall claims of the government regarding overcoming the energy crises in the country, they observed.
All the CNG filling stations in Sindh including Karachi closed for 24 hours on Saturday and resultantly many buses and wagons remained off the roads.
Commuters continued to face problems due to lack of transport in the city as well as at inter-city routes. Transporters overcharged the commuters in the name of closure of CNG stations. On the other hand, commuters were of the view that transporters were already charging excess amount as they were using CNG at cheaper rates.
Bus drivers and commuters were seen arguing over fare in different parts of the city as coach and mini bus conductors were charging Rs 5 to 10 excess fares in the name of closure of CNG .
In the absence of public transport, different roads of the capital of the province presented a deserted look. Movement of private vehicles also remained restricted due to the closure of CNG stations.