LAHORE – Believe it, a teacher of a local college recites the entire Quran everyday and this has been going on for the past many years. So far, he has read the Holy Scripture more than 1,000 times.
Khalid Mehmood Hashmi teaches banking to BCom, BB Honours and ICom students in the MAO College .
He wears western dress, like most of his colleagues. But what distinguishes him from them is his strong link to Quran . His reading of the Quran daily might surprise many, though not all.
Hashmi is a good example of performing worldly duties and at the same time doing so much for the Hereafter.
His wife – Qaria Rubina – is a teacher in the Government Islamia College , Cooper Road. She also taught at Kinnaird College for about two decades. She is running a seminary where girls memorise Quran before joining any school.
Rubina was conferred Pride of Performance because of an excellent recitation of the holy book. She represented Pakistan thrice in an international Qirat competition in Malaysia.
Hashmi told TheNation that he starts his day with the azan (call) for Fajr prayers. Immediately after offering prayers, he starts his practice of reciting Quran . He reads slightly more than six chapters before taking breakfast. In case he is on leave or the college is closed for some reason, he completes 10 chapters before going for breakfast.
Then he gets ready for his worldly activities. He teaches three periods everyday , after which he goes to the college mosque where he completes 15 chapters by Zuhr prayers. In case he is busy with some other activity he completes the target by 3pm.
By then it is time for the lunch which he takes at his residence in Garhi Shahu. Immediately after ‘refuelling’ himself, he again absorbs himself in the study of the holy book. By Maghreb everyday , he completes 22 or 23 chapters.
He spares some time for meeting his visitors or receiving phone calls from friends, relatives or acquaintances. It takes him another couple of hours to complete the reading of the remaining seven/ eight chapters.
Hashmi did his MBA from Punjab University in 1982. But he had started writing on economy for the vernacular newspapers much before. He worked as financial analyst of the Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan for about four years. He also contributes columns to the Nawa-i-Waqt.
To start with, he began reading the entire Quran in a week’s time in 1995. From 2,000 to 2005, he read 15 chapters a day, and thereafter the entire holy book a day.
He sticks to his schedule even on Eid days. He does not like to waste time on worldly issues and prefers to stay in contact with the Lord of the Worlds for most of the time.
Hashmi told TheNation that he would continue following the schedule for the rest of his life.
He says that those who can’t read the holy book because of lack of education should at least open it everyday and look at it. Such practice will create interest to learn the divine Scripture.