Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has expressed his resolve that they would stage a protest sit in on March 27 against the Parliament’ pre-meditated move to restore Nato supply lines. Talking to mediapersons after attending a wedding ceremony of JI leader Dr Liaquat Ali Kausar on Sunday, he blamed the opposition parties for having their consent in re-opening of Nato supply lines. He warned that if the current session was held to re-open the supply lines, the JI would resist movement of Nato containers across the country. He opined that conditional restoration of supply lines was willingly included by the government for ‘its face saving’. The JI chief criticizing role of Nawaz Sharif said that the  PML-N leadership was supporting Zardari more than the allied parties in the government. “Zardari is holding the office of president due to backing of Nawaz Sharif,” he said, and while terming both leaders as brothers, he added that through reconciliation policy, Nawaz supported all action of Zardari. “The delay in Supreme Court’s decisions has emboldened the government which is continuing its game,” he said. About PML-N and PTI tussle, Munawar opined that they were only quarrelling over ISI issue. Expressing his utmost dismay with federal and provincial governments, he declared them all the most corrupt in country’s history. If the rulers further stuck to the power for another year, it would further severe the issues of target killings, extortion and Balochistan unrest.