Resentment in Lyari over the ongoing Rangers’ operation provoked clashes between locals and officials of the law enforcement agencies resulting in the death of a labourer and causing serious wounds to many others. The streets of Lyari literally presented a picture of a battleground echoing with gunfire, screams, stone throwing and fisticuffs between protestors and police officials. The disturbances concluded with the arrival of FC on the scene and the arrest of 10 people. Governor Ishratul Ibad’s words that the operation will continue until extortion is brought to an end apart, it stands to reason that no particular area should be singled out since extortion is a Karachi-wide phenomenon. A statement by Interior Minister Rehman Malik that soon operations will be launched in four more areas of Lyari has caused more fear that it is only Lyari that has been targeted on political grounds. The situation in the city does call for an operation , but restricting it to one area of extortion would not help. It must be carried out without discrimination in all troubled spots. The country’s overall stability is inextricably linked with this, our commercial hub, which necessitates extra effort to make the PPP government weed out criminal elements.