PTI Chief has regurgitated ad nauseam the misleading mantra that Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif will contest elections from the same platform and that they are chips of the same block and birds of the same feather. He has repeated the blatant lie with the expectation that the gullible people will accept his allegation as gospel truth.
His suggestion shows that he is either fooling the people or he is not aware that PPP is the ruling party and PML-N is the main opposition. Khan’s obsession bracketing Zardari with Nawaz reminds me of Mush who had publicly stated scores of times to keep BB and Nawaz out of politics of the country. Is Mr Khan following the footprints of his former buddy in uniform or simply muddying the political waters for reasons best known to him? Come on Mr Clean and speak the truth for a change which you have promised to the frequently betrayed people of this country. As you are not answering my concern expressed by me several times earlier I assume that you are fixing the match.
Islamabad, March 24.