ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and its Punjab government are seriously considering holding the local bodies’ elections ahead of the next general elections. Also, MQM , another ruling party in the PPP-led coalition, has started demanding local bodies’ elections without father delay.
Background discussions and interviews with sources in these parties revealed that both these political players believed that local level elections at a time when they are in government would give them better results, and they would be also advantageous to them for gaining good scores in the next general elections.
“The major shift in the positions of the two parties emanates directly or indirectly from their political priorities”, a source said, adding that PML-N may take unilateral decision in this connection and might go for holding local bodies (LB) polls soon after the provincial budget for the year 2012-2013. But the MQM would need leading coalition partner PPP’s consent and its dream might not come true because of the PPP’s own agenda, the sources said. PPP and its allies other than MQM would not want LB polls prior to the next general elections, they added. “PPP top leadership and leadership of the PML-Q, ANP and PML-F are on the same page to go about LB polls after the next general elections.“ Except for the MQM , the PPP-led ruling alliance also wants to hold next general elections in 2013 and they have already indicated this in their private conversations, the sources claimed.