LAHORE - Federal Minister for Information Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Saturday that only parliament had the prerogative to decide on the restoration of Nato supplies and no individual could take decision on the matter.
Talking to the media at Allama Iqbal International Airport, she said, “The National Security Committee of the parliament has submitted its recommendations to the parliament and the matters like restoration of Nato supplies and new terms of engagement will be discussed with the US after decision by the parliament .”
On the question of 50 locomotives from the US, she said the demand could be part of the package once the government enters into consultations with the US with due seal of the parliament . To a query, Dr Firdous said the law and order situation had improved a great deal since last four year in power of the PPP-led government, adding that terrorism had also been checked.
“Could you think of holding a press conference in public, some four years ago, as you stand here today,” she responded. About the energy crisis, the Minister said the PPP-led government had added 1900 MW to the national grid despite the fact it had inherited crises from the previous regimes, asserting that the provincial governments were equally responsible to produce electricity after the 18th Amendment.
Regarding price-hike prices, she said it was international economic phenomenon but the federal government was taking measures to address all the issues. Regarding contempt of court case against PM Gilani, she said the Prime Minister is a citizen of Pakistan and every Pakistani citizen has the right to fair trial, adding that one does not come across any such precedence where a person shows no-confidence in the bench and the bench is not-reconstituted.