In a meeting with Bangladesh High Commissioner, Chairman Senate Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari has underscored the need for forging strong trade ties with Bangladesh . The High Commissioner, on his part, told him that Pakistani products were in great demand in his country. It was also decided to simultaneously promote people-to-people contacts, which will eventually bring the two countries closer. Islamabad has always stressed great importance of trade with Muslim countries. And our relationship with Bangladesh is unique. The country is emotionally closer to us than any other since it was once a part of our country. The brotherly bond manifested by tremendous respect between the people of both countries still prevails and can be cashed in on through trade , cultural visits and more bilateral meetings between the leaders. For Pakistan, the economic dividend will also be assured since Bangladesh’s economy has been growing at a steady momentum. Besides, its market has capacity to absorb a constant flow of Pakistani products. It is a matter of great satisfaction that while most leaders seem interested in trade only with India to the detriment of our support for Kashmir cause, Chairman Senate has made an attempt to orientate the country towards trade with Bangladesh .