The spokesman of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Ihsanullah Ihsan threatened if parliament would restore the NATO supplies then they would attack parliamentarians and their party heads. He said in a statement issued to the media  from a  secret place at  South Waziristan that TTP knows it very well that the slaves of  the USA present in  Pakistani parliament are make efforts to give legal way to the NATO forces, but they should know the fact that they would not be safe at their homes. “We would also behead drivers openly , who take the containers to Afghanistan for NATO forces”, he terrorized. The rulers and army have set their minds to weaken Pakistan , whereas TTP clarifies on Pakistani nation that it wants create a new Pakistan where the supremacy of Quranic law would prevail. The present rulers have dragged the country into the slavery of the USA. They are playing shameful role and the purpose of Taliban is to abolish these  American slaves.