RAWALPINDI  - Intensified wall chalking on all major walls and buildings in the different areas of Rawalpindi is eroding the beauty of city.
The political and religious parties’ student federations, palmists, health clinics and other organisations have pasted their posters on all the walls and even on signboards. This way not only the city has worn dirty look but all its main lanes and streets have lost their identity. Citizens have voiced protest against this practice, saying unlawful practice is eroding the city’s look. 
“So called health clinics have pasted their obscene  posters full of immoral pictures and slogans on the building and surrounding walls of our girls college”, said a  group of college girls while recording their protest. “I am wandering here since the last two hours to locate whereabouts of street No 62 but I have failed to find it because the boards which provide guidance to the streets and lanes are filled with posters, said Abdul Aziz.
The city’s beauty drowned in this rushing flood of wall chalking, every one standing on bus stop said in one voice. Citizens have demanded of the concerned authority to take action against the violators of wall chalking laws.
Meanwhile, residents of Dhok Kala Kahn and Shamsabad have expressed concerns over rising street crimes incidents in the area. Sense of insecurity prevailed in the residents as the area police failed to overcome the criminals activates in the area.  Due to lack of police patrolling the criminals are freely moving in the area, resultantly mobile snatching, robberies, theft and purse snatching incidents   are on rise in the area.
 The residents of the area appealed to RPO to take stern action against the elements involved in criminal activities and disrupting peace of the area.