QUETTA -  Senior Minister of Balochistan cabinet and JUI-F leader Maulana Abdul Wasay has criticized the Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani for not being present in Balochistan due to which he says the issues are not being properly taken up.
“Mostly Chief Minister of Balochistan is not present in the province or Balochistan Assembly thus problems are not being resolved on priority basis,” he told the house during the session of Balochistan Assembly on Saturday. He took the floor on a point of order and said his fellow ministers are raising their voices against the deteriorating law and order situation of Balochistan for last four days but no efforts were made to improve the situation. “Chief Minister has no time to listen the problems of his colleagues because he is often busy with ministers when he comes to Balochistan,” he added.
Expressing concerns, Wasay said that Quetta-Karachi Highway had been blocked by protesters owing to the rise in robberies and kidnappings. He said that six people had been kidnapped within a month from Khuzdar and people are on peaceful protest but now they are left with no option but to block the highway. “We had suggested to the CM to call a cabinet meeting to discuss law and order, but nobody is willing to hear our plea,” he added. JUI- leader expressed his resentment over load-shedding in the province and possible withdrawal of subsidy to agricultural tube wells.
He said that the farmers of Balochistan were given subsidy on agricultural tube wells but unfortunately incumbent democratic government was withdrawing this relief from the farmers.
“We are compelled to say previous dictatorial regime was better then this democratic government,” he said, and added that a large number of development works had been done in the province as compared to democratic government. He said that if the subsidy of agricultural tube wells was withdrawn then no farmer could pay Rs.1.6 million per month. “Prime Minister in the presence of CM Balochista made several commitments that subsidy on agricultural tube wells would be restored but it is yet to be implemented, he added. Balochistan senior minister said that if rulers say that they would talk to Nawabzada Harbiyar Mari and Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti to save Pakistan or Balochistan then it was their misconception. “If rulers are really serious to save the country and Balochistan they should bring prosperity to the people,” he added. He said that due to wrong policies of the rulers, Baloch youth are joining armed groups such as Baloch Liberation Army and the people of Pashtun belt were joining Taliban.