LAHORE – Alleged the government is planning to flout Supreme Court orders, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has declared his party will take on the PPP-led regime to make it obey the court directives.
“We will take to account all those who have made plans to flout the court orders,” Nawaz warned while deploring the apparent disrespectful treatment being meted out by the government to the judiciary.
The PML-N chief was interacting with the media on Saturday at the residence of Jamaat-i-Islami Naib Ameer Liaqat Baloch after condoling with him his mother’s death.
To a question from Liaqat Baloch on Balochistan situation, Nawaz said the seeds of the current unrest in Balochistan were sown during the Musharraf era when Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was also killed. Alluding to the Musharraf’s political partners, he said it was a pity that the same parties were partners in the present coalition government and were now shedding crocodile tears on the Balochistan imbroglio. The PML-N chief held the government responsible for the present ghastly situation in the country and added that the parties supporting PPP policies equally share the blame for the current national predicament.
Nawaz said that corruption by the rulers at the centre has totally hollowed the country. The country belongs to 180 million people and not a handful of rulers, he proclaimed. He said today the people are facing upto 20 hours loadshedding, unprecedented hike in the prices   including that of petroleum products despite the fact that POL prices were on the decline in the international market. About the government ‘plans’ towards the judiciary and its ‘anti-masses’ policies, he said, his party will play the role of true opposition.
To a question on the parliamentary committee’s recommendations on forging new working relationship with America, he said his party would meet to discuss the same on Sunday and work out a strategy. To a question whether his party would reach the SC on Mehrangate the way it did on Memogate, he referred to the statement given by his elder brother Shahbaz Sharif on the matter and said that Shahbaz has sufficiently explained their stance on the matter.
Nawaz said they had formed the coalition with the PPP with all sincerity but when they realised the PPP was not interested in solving the problems of the masses, his party parted ways. Following that, the PPP government badly victimised the PML-N government in Punjab by means of clamping Governor’s Rule and getting Shahbaz Sharif disqualified on his nomination papers, he added.