The Punjab Textbook Board's selection of one publisher group's textbook over a rival group has been turned into a mud slinging campaign by a local newspaper, trying to contort the issue into the removal of Islam related chapters from Urdu textbooks being taught to Matric students. The fact that this awarded contract is worth millions, means that the losing party seems to think it justified to cast any and every aspersion, with no sincere grievance behind the move except for financial benefit, as is so often the case. The Punjab Government has taken notice of the issue and promised to investigate it, no doubt fearing religious backlash and electoral unpopularity over the misrepresented report. It would have better served itself simply by laying the facts before the public; as they are not difficult to come by.

Earlier in August 2012, at a conference on ‘Biases in the Textbooks and Education Policy’ organized by the National Commission for Justice and Peace participants had urged the government and judiciary to take notice of the bias and misconceptions in the curricula, as it is the chief reason behind radicalization of the country’s youth and deterioration of quality education. But the misreported "removal" of chapters will build the general perception that it has been done for some nefarious purpose, ignoring the grim reality that self interest is the edict of most of our countrymen, who will hesitate at nothing to improve the health of their pocket, even at the cost of the peace of the country.