The Buddhist regime in Myanmar is continuing with its atrocities against the Muslim population in the western state of Rakhine where majority of Rohingyas (Muslims) live. As Buddhist-Muslim riots erupted there, troops began patrolling the streets and emergency was clamped. Riots have claimed 45 lives. Around 50 military trucks are deployed in Meiktila, where homes and mosques were torched by armed mobs in three days of communal rioting.

For the past three years, Rohingyas are being subjected to murder and torture. A large number has since been forced to take refuge in Bangladesh while some had escaped to the adjoining Chinese province. And a few thousands have arrived in Karachi. The central leader of the Rohingya Solidarity Organization of Myanmar, Muhammad Imran Saeed, during a visit to Karachi recently, narrated the brutalities being perpetrated on the Muslims by the non-Muslim majority of Buddhists. He said that it was an attempt by the Myanmar government to “eliminate the Rohingya race” and according to him, 135 mosques had been pulverized. It is shocking to note that Islamic organizations as well as the UN are watching the situation as silent spectators. They need to wake up and help the beleaguered Rohingyas.