March 23 and March 26 are two very significant dates in the history of Pakistan. The idea of having a separate homeland for Muslims of India was conceived on 23 March. There are different opinions and interpretations of the ‘Lahore Resolution’ which was later criticised and sarcastically named as ‘Pakistan Resolution’ by two right wing Hindu newspapers of Lahore. March 26 is the day when East Pakistan announced its independence from Pakistan. The day was marked by operation ‘Search Light’ which went underway on the night falling between March 25 and March 26, 1971. Without going into the excesses committed by both sides in the conflict, no serious effort was made to save the country in whose foundations went the blood of millions. Irresponsible military and civilian leadership pursued their petty interests and miserably failed to protect the integrity of the country.

Quaid e Azam’s country got dismembered actually on March 26. Nations are hit by tragedies but those who never learn from them go into oblivion. Our country is once again facing similar situation, right after four decades of Dhaka debacle and we can witness opportunism, cronyism and nepotism at its worst. Political forces are once again putting their interests first instead of national interest. Pakistani nation is going to the polls on May 11, 2013. The entire nation must make a pledge to itself that they would elect people with good character. Turncoats, corrupt, selfish and characterless traditional politicians must be rejected. Pakistani youth has a big responsibility on their shoulders and they must vote fresh and clean representatives who may steer the country out of troubled waters.


Australia, March 22.