Democracy is a form of government formed by the people, of the people, for the people. However, democracy in the Pakistan context remains restricted to those who can manoeuvre to get elected. Though the source of power is the general public in a democratic polity, it has become an obsolete notion as the electoral exercise leads to a class of insincere individuals getting into the corridors of power.

Democracy calls for a mature political system having strong presence at the grassroots level which does not exist in our context. Many people in Pakistan today view the dictatorship of the recent past far better than the existing democracy. The masses have little interest in who wields power since they are basically concerned with making their both ends meet.

As the general elections are drawing closer, political parties have increased their activities in motivating people presenting the picture of a rosy future should they are voted into power. They fail to understand that none of the existing problems could be resolved overnight. We are standing at the crossroads of an acute distress and destitution.

The shallow conscience and hollow promises belittle the already diminished stature of this secluded group of so-called nobles. It is high time that the self-centred leadership, which serves their own interests and the interests of foreign powers, was replaced by selfless and motivated reformers.


Islamabad, March 22.