Women are deprived of their basic rights in every walk of life, including in the case of the right to vote. Political parties are trying to register voters for them, as general elections are approaching fast. They should be aware that a large number of women have not been registered in the district of Lahore. Total women voters in the district are 2,237,509 but only 1,863,783 have been registered. That means that a total of 373,726 women voters are not registered yet because their CNICs are pending with NADRA. This is apart from the fact that quite a few women, who would have been registered voters, are held back from voting by the men folk of their families.

We informed NADRA and different political parties about this problem. The inability of such a large number of women to cast their vote would affect one of the basic ingredients of any electoral exercise. Had we been living in an advanced society, someone would have taken note of it and there would have been a hue and cry. The society would have ensured that they are provided with their CNICs and registered as voters.


Lahore, March 22.