ISLAMABAD – The open gutter holes in different sectors of Islamabad risk to outbreak of diseases, a threat to children and could also become the cause of an accident.

The poor cleanliness system and uncovered gutter holes in sector G-6, G-8 and G-9/4 Islamabad are causing diseases among the residents and they have demanded from the authorities concerned to take notice of the situation. Talking to APP on Sunday, the residents of sector G-6 complained that heaps of garbage are spreading sting smell in the area.

The residents of sector G-8, said that poor cleanliness system is badly disturbing their routine lives. The residents said that lids of the gutters have been removed by the junkies and open main holes oozing muck while the open holes could cause accident. They demanded of the high authorities to take notice of the situation and improve the cleanliness system.

Online adds: The uncovered manholes in several parts of the city not only posing serious threat to traffic but also became a death trap for pedestrians.

The public and social circles while expressing their concern over the situation underlined that several manholes are either broken or lying uncovered in several areas of the city.

They mentioned the areas of Murree road, Khayaban-e-Sir Syed, Pirwadhai, Mareer Hassan, Ganj Mandi, Dhoke Ratta and Satellite Town where one can find uncovered manholes easily.

They pointed out that several people have lost their lives after falling into these manholes but authorities concerned did not take the issue seriously as no measures were taken to prevent such horrific incidents in the future.

“It is strange that the civic authorities levied taxes from the citizens but failed to provide maximum civic facilities in return.” Said Haq Nawaz, a resident of Khayaban-e-Sir Syed.