The Prime Minister’s ‘Interest Free Loan Scheme’ is being launched very soon. This will be a Rs. 25 billion interest free loan program for poor households of rural areas. This is an excellent step taken by the PML-N government as it will help alleviate poverty and bring economic uplift to the down trodden people. The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) will administer this scheme and it is aimed at reaching out to one million people in three years. The PPAF will especially target those people living in areas that cannot be served by micro finance initiatives.

Also some 50% of the money would go to women as per the Prime Minister’s directives. This is very heartening news for it will empower women belonging to rural areas and make them financially independent. This will be an excellent outreach plan and work force, for its delivery will be trained accordingly. The operational cost will be kept low so as not to burden the govt. In the first year govt. will provide loans up to Rs. 25, 000 per head to 250,000. This scheme would cover the entire country and bring much needed respite for the lowest earning strata of society.


Lahore, March 21.