ISLAMABAD: Crime Investigation Agency of Islamabad Capital Territory Police arrested four member of notorious 'Afghan gang' who were involved in various incidents of murder, burglary and street crimes. The arrest was made on Monday on a tip-off given by police informer.–Staff Reporter

Police described the gang as one of most dangerous gangs operating in the federal capital.

According to police, a team of CIA rounded up four members of Afghan gang shortly before they were planning to commit robbery in the house of a prominent businessman of Islamabad. The police team recovered two pistols and two revolvers from their possession. The accused were identified as Zakir Ullah, Romal Khan, Salahud Din and Fida Muhammad. All of them are said to be Afghan nationals residing in Fauji Colony of Rawalpindi. Three other members of the gang fled the scene.

Meanwhile, police arrested 20 outlaws including 10 gamblers, besides recovering stake money, 10 mobiles, wine and stolen property from their possession, a police spokesman said.