KABUL- The conflict-ridden Afghanistan has been getting new momentum since the herald of spring and beginning of melting snow in the mountainous country.

Afghanistan's spring fell on Friday, it was the first day of Nawroz or New Year in the country in accordance with Persian calendar when the weather gets warm. In the conflict-ridden Afghanistan the spring and summer is known as fighting season among the war-weary Afghans.

The anti-government militants fighting the government, have intensified their activities and in their first attack which conducted on the eve of Afghan New Year, Nawroz stormed the fortified Kabul Serena Hotel at nearby Presidential Palace on Thursday night killing nine persons including four foreigners and six Afghans, all civilians including two children and their mother. Hours later on the first day of Nawroz, the militants organized a bomb blast in the southern Kandahar province leaving two persons dead including the provincial governor's spokesman and injuring five others. Three days later on March 24, the militants conducted a suicide bombing in Balablok district of the western Farah province leaving the bomber dead and injuring another, police said.

Furthermore, the armed militants in a brazen attack stormed a sub-office of Afghanistan election commission in Darul Aman the western part of Kabul city today morning triggering gun battle. The militants first conducted two blasts and so far three persons have been injured; while gun shots continue. In a similar attack on the same day today, a group of armed militants equipped with suicide vests and fire arms raided a local bank office in the eastern Kunar provincial capital Assadabad city today morning and according to the Kunar provincial police chief Habbiullah Sayyedkhil all the four attackers and one police were killed in the firefight lasted for a while.