Much has been written about the ‘poverty line’ in Pakistan and how millions are living below it, first I would like to know what is the ‘poverty line’ in Pakistan? Many countries have come up with a figure, which is the margin below which is considered ‘poverty line.’ Looking it up on the internet I could not find any ‘rupee earning’ which would draw the line. Nothing concrete has been done to alleviate poverty in Pakistan.

While visiting various parts of Sindh, be it the drought and famine hit or past consecutive flood hit districts or even other parts it appears that the province belongs to the chosen few, the feudal lords, pirs, politicians and corrupt to the core bureaucrats and technocrats. Our rulers have not restored to the people what is theirs by right. The rich population has many ways of protecting themselves, but nothing is being done to protect the poor and wretched. While a major ratio of population, both in the rural and urban areas, still lacks the absolute necessities of life, some live sumptuously or squander wealth.

Luxury and misery rub shoulders in the rural areas. While few enjoy any rights, be it to clean water, education or medical help the rich enjoy all these without thought for the poor. Millions are starving, millions are destitute, millions of men, women and children  are steeped in ignorance; millions of people need schools, hospitals, and homes.

In such prevalent circumstances, no one can tolerate public and private expenditures of a wasteful nature; the Sindhi intellectuals, intelligentsia, writers and other knowledgeable condemn lavish displays of wealth by our ruling elite, bureaucrats and technocrats, we cannot approve a debilitating self-projection and self-publicity. It is our solemn duty to speak out against our ‘self-centered’ and proverbially ‘much after money’ ruling elite who have kept the people in extreme poverty and wretchedness. Let’s mourn on their criminal attitude.


Islamabad, March 21.