President Asif Zardari, the people of Sindh in particular and the country in general, appreciated your decision, taken in February 2013, in the Sindh provincial assembly where you passed a legislation providing free and compulsory education and school uniforms to a fixed percentage of poor children, in the vicinity of all the private schools in Sindh. However nothing came of it, to date not a single poor child was allowed this facility of free education. What we would like to know is do our politicians plan on keeping their promises, and if they do how does it happen and when?

Kindly order implementation of this great public service idea, which is already enshrined in the constitution, but sadly is a law only in Sindh province, whereas, rest of the provinces of the country have not even made it a law. Last but not the least, just for your information, in India, all private schools as per law, are already providing (equal to the 20% of the enrolled students) free education and free school uniforms to the poor children, residing in their vicinity. While here in Pakistan, who cares for the education of the poor children, when not a soul is moved by the death of hundreds of poor children from measles and other diseases, hunger and drought.


Lahore, March 19.