The TV Channels have telecasted that the Chief Minister of Punjab visited Kasur to meet the family of the man lynched and burnt during by a mob. He condoled with them and vowed that justice would be done. He also announced that more than thirty people had been arrested.

I feel sad for the deceased in the suicide bombings and also those who were lynched, Christians should not have reacted so violently. Many innocent people have been arrested now in retaliation, as the police have no data base to match the face on the CCTV, they are randomly arresting people. It is also not a good sign that the CM has visited Hafiz’s family but did not visit the Christian families. Is it possible that the CM shares only the Muslims’ grief and not the Christians?

On paper the law is equal for all, but in reality it is not so. The authorities and the media have always taken the side of the Muslims, ignoring or judging wrongly against religious minorities. In the Punjab we see it happening to Christians while in Sindh it is happening to the Hindus. It is time the government looks into the matter carefully and does.


Mirpurkhas, March 23.