The Nation on March 23  said, ‘Whole of Sindh not against Kalabagh dam’. This report carries the opinions of various experts on this subject. Mr Abdul Basit, chairman of the standing committee on Kalabagh dam, LCCI, has stated that Sindh will get 4.75 maf, Punjab 2.04 maf, Baluchistan 1.56 maf and KPK 2.01 maf from Kalabagh dam, this adds up to 10.36 million acre feet, whereas the capacity of Kalabagh dam is 6.1 maf at maximum storage level.

Previously, Abdul Basit had stated that Nowshera will not be flooded by Kalabagh dam because it is 150 feet higher than the dam. This again is incorrect, Nowshera is 940 feet above sea level and the reservoir at maximum capacity will be 915 feet above sea level, which makes Nowshera only 25 feet above the reservoir level and not 150 feet. Is there no one in LCCL who can stop this flow of misinformation which will only undermine our credibility and damage the case for Kalabagh dam?


Lahore, March 23.