Radio Pakistan is a symbol of our state and we should never consider it a burden nor should we take it as a profit loss organisation. By promoting Urdu it has helped create a sense of national unity. It produced a plethora of artists, singers and musicians from all around the country. For me radio has many plus points which television cannot boast. Everyone can listen to the radio while working and even while driving. Radio does not put pressure on our senses. TV exposes us to dangerous radiation and weakens our vision. TV also destroys our love for reading.

I have some suggestions for revival of Radio Pakistan, first we should invest more funds in it and never consider it a burden and we should be proud of it as the English are of BBC. It should never be used as a political tool. Radio Pakistan should launch a music portal on the internet. All those exclusive archives should be made available to listeners, which only Radio Pakistan can boast of their presence. Radio Pakistan should launch an Android application, a Symbian application and a PC application to come up to the market level.


Islamabad, March 1.