If you wanted a match worthy of a World Cup semifinal, then yesterday was your day. It was a remarkable contest between two gigantic teams. South Africa was amazing in their first innings and scored a massive total. If their innings was not interrupted by rain they might have scored more than the revised total. However, it was still a massive target. McCullum made a joke of South African bowling at the start of their innings. It is probably that knock that saw the Kiwis through at the end. He so relentlessly butchered the South African attack that till the end of their innings they did not need to worry about the run rate. It was truly a memorable match. One must feel for the Proteas though. They were one of the favourites to win the cup and now they are out of the running yet again. Another semi-final under their belt but zero finals. It will take them a while to recover from this because they really believed they could win this time. However, the better team won at the end. We've got one finalist for the 29th of March. The other finalist will be decided tomorrow between Australia and India. It's hard to say which team is stronger. It is another guaranteed special match in the making. May the best team win.

–Shaan Tahir