While creativity has no limits so does the stupidity and illogical approach, the day when the nation was mourning the deaths of 16 or so people, from different faiths, in the tragic incident of Lahore, our beloved national flag carrier was busy finalising uniform for its flying crew in a needless fashion show, an opportunity created for some to make money and some to appease their political bosses. The fashion shows in Pakistan, like the rest of the world, depict a totally different world then your existing societies, but organising one to finalise crew uniform, wow, that’s too much! Everyone knows when you don’t have a dime in your pocket you don’t order expensive wine.

A simple rule flouted by those sitting shamelessly on an accumulated loss of more than Rs 260 billion, when more than half of its fleet is grounded, when more than 18,000 staff members are not being paid on time, when it is defaulting on fuel, overflying, parking and other payments this seems to be the height of delusion. One should have named the event “When Rome was burning”. We were putting money in changing uniforms instead of telling the crew how to serve passengers while smiling... an act PIA so badly needs.


Islamabad, March 20.