Central Superior Services (CSS) is one of the most competitive exams of Pakistan. It’s where the people of Sindh try their luck when so-called Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) fails to maintain merit. The recent resignation of Mr. Agha Rafique, then SPSC chairman, is a clearly reflection of the interference of PPP’s government in the SPSC. Mr. Agha Rafique has clearly explained the reason of his resignation in the media. He stated that the political pressure compelled him to resign from the chairmanship. This so-called inference of political parties is not a new thing to surprise on. Moreover, it has not only been limited to SPSC as Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has also been a prey of political intervention back in 1980’s and 1990’s. This can be imagined by the fact that two most senior bureaucrats changed their allotted groups of CSS by taking help from the then Benazir Bhutto’s government. These include A.D Khawaja and Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi. They are presently serving in the police group despite being allocated Foreign and Inland Revenue services respectively. The Commoners Alumni website also clearly mentions their previous groups till to date. The honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan has already released decision regarding this issue which orders the respective officers to get into their previous groups. But still they haven’t followed the orders of SC which is a contempt of court. May I ask these police officials the reason for not changing their groups.


Islamabad, February 27.