A Pakistan fan of Indian batsman Virat Kohli was released a day ago who was arrested few days back for calling Indian Batsman Kohli as his favorite, hence he was interviewed by BBC the other day. It is an irony that the man was intimidated in jail and he has changed his ideal while talking to BBC and called Afridi his favorite instead of Virat Kohli after being released. I don’t know whether making ones ideal is bound within religious, sectarian, ethnical, and geographical boundaries? If it is the case, then our Prime Minster also should be interrogated who invited Modi in Lahore which was not an official visit. Further, our leaders have businesses in India, they, then, must be interrogated. By my reckoning, law is only for poor masses who even cannot make any celebrity their favorite. What if Umar Daraz, under duress, has called Kohli not, Afridi would be his favorite now onwards. I don’t know how making ones favorite beyond geographical boundaries could be against our sovereignty. It implies that it is a crime because a common poor laborer wished it so in an irrational and status quo society. Or else it would not happen to the despondent poor laborer Umar Daraz if it were an egalitarian society.


Islamabad, February 28.