The United Nations has timely initiated a battle against graft and corruption around the world. The world leaders have supported this ‘pious’ ‘Global Compact Initiative’, as it would mitigate the burden of poor people, as they are the easy ‘prey’ of corruption especially in third world and generally in Muslim countries. The Global Compact Initiative aimed to promotes good governance practices in Human rights, labour and the environment around the globe. Global Compact Leaders Summit adopted a simple statement that all and sundry field of walk should vehemently work against corruption in all its forms and manifestation, including extortion, corruption and bribery. Global Compact Summit also urged the other countries, especially third world to defend human rights in conflict zones, ensuring decent working conditions and formulating and implementing “no-bribe and corruption free” policies in respective countries. Following the wide-scale endorsement of the UN Convention against Corruption, the first globally agreed instrument to provide sweeping measures regarding the prevention of graft, its criminalization, international cooperation against it and recovery of illegal assets. “there was now a solid consensus behind the need to fight corruption”, Peter Eigen, Chairman of Transparency International, an international non-governmental organization devoted to combating corruption precisely remarked during the summit. Unfortunately, the people of Pakistan seems to be deprived of benefits of such initiative, as the Government in our Islamic Country is only visible in ‘Convention centre’ of Islamabad, where protégé of present imperceptible and invisible rulers listen to their ‘Big Lies’ that we are delivering this and that. Otherwise, the plight of poor masses is different and people are committing suicide and selling their newborn offspring and their visceral organs for basic commodities. The poor people of smaller provinces have been groaning under burden of merit and deprived of their due quota of jobs and National Finance Commission award and their leader of hope was murdered in broad day light under the nose of Army headquarter.

Thank God, the Jihad waged by the Pakistan against terrorism has been rewarded by tie the aid to elite class by US or in other words discard after use. On the other hand, the World Bank and IMF have identified corruption as the single incurable and greatest obstacle to social and economic development in Pakistan .


Sukkur, February 27.