BAHAWALPUR-Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) held an all parties conference (APC) against the Indian atrocities in Kashmir, house arrest of Hafiz Saeed and against the sacrilegious content on social media.

The leaders of different religious and political parties said that the accounts with the objectionable contents be closed and whoever committed blasphemy be punished according to Shariah. Islamabad High Court Justice Mr Shaukat Saddiqui has played a key role in respect of the objectionable content on social media on which he was paid tribute, they said. They further said secret to Pakistan’s sovereignty and prosperity is in the Ideology of Pakistan. The external powers want to eliminate the ideology and make Pakistan a secular state through their investment while their conspiracies will be failed, they added.

“Peace of the zone is linked to the Kashmir issues’ resolution. Hafiz Saeed is patriot and he be freed from the house arrest immediately, they demanded.

The speakers included Pakistan Raabta Council Chairman Qari Yaqub Sheikh, politician Syed Tabish Alwari, Jamaatud Dawa South Punjab Ameer Abu Moaz Imran, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Ameer Mufti Irshad Ahmad. They said that sacrilegious content on the social media is part of the international war against Islam and to fight this, the Muslim Community should get united. Facebook and other sites immediately block the accounts blasphemers.

The government of Pakistan should play its role on international level to stop blasphemous acts and make laws against the objectionable content, they said. They said that there is a need to teach the people about Pakistan’s ideology from a grassroots level.

They said that Pakistan came into existence in the name of “Kalma Tayyaba” and now to make it secular, millions of dollars are being spent; conspiracies are being made to change the ideology of Pakistan; to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan, spirit of unity among the Muslims be developed.