SIALKOT -  The local people have repaired and renovated the centuries-old well of Pooran commonly known as “Pooran Di Khooyi” located at far-off village Karol on self-help basis.

They said that the government departments remained unable to repair it, due to which the local people came forward and got it repaired on self-help basis.

The water of Pooran Di Khooyi still remains a ray of hope for the issueless people, as several issueless couples visit it and take bath there especially on Sundays, a rush of the people, most of them married females do the centuries’ old practice with high belief of getting offspring. They say that Allah Almighty blesses the issueless couples with child, when they take bath with the water of the small-sized water well.

The local people said that the issue-less couples from across Pakistan reach there and take bath there with high hopes and belief that Allah will bless them with “Aullaad” by taking bath, once a week for three weeks consecutively.

Located in far-off rural area Karol of Sialkot, the Khooyi was named after Pooran, the son of the then ruler of Sialkot “Salwaan”.

The ancient “History of Sialkot” revealed that the said well here had been remaining the main focus of many needy and childless couples for the last several centuries. The Raja of Sialkot, Salwaan, who is said to have restored the fort, had two wives namely, Loona and Ichhraan.

Ichhraan gave birth to a child who was named, after much consultation, Pooran. The pundits had told the king that to avoid bad fortune, Pooran needs to stay away from the palace for 12 years.

Prince Pooran was sent to a deserted place, along with the requisite staff. After a period of 12 years, Pooran returned to palace. He went to his mother and then to Loona, the stepmother. Loona lost her heart and tried to seduce him. Pooran refused and left Loona, desperate and angry. When Raja Salwaan returned, Loona made up the story that Pooran had tried to rape her. The Raja, anguished by the story, ordered Pooran’s limbs to be amputated, and the mutilated body be thrown into the woods.

Pooran was thrown in this well after the gruesome torture. For 12 years, Pooran stayed inside the well. One day Guru Gorakhnath, the famous Jogi, on his way back from Shiwalak, passed by the well and heard Pooran. His apostles took out the prince. Guru healed the limbs of Pooran and exalted him spiritually.

After a few years, Pooran was a Bhagat - his spiritual powers earned him the fame of a saint. The word was out and it made its way to Loona, who was still, without child.

On hearing about Pooran Bhagat, she along with Raja, walked up to the well. The Bhagat prophesised the birth of the prince, simultaneously asking Loona about the reality of Pooran. Loona revealed the truth and eventually Pooran revealed his identity.

The Raja begged Pooran to return to the kingdom but he told them that the kingdom was now the right of the prince to be born. He spent the rest of his life near the well. Raja Salwaan had constructed a large compound in the vicinity of the well of which only ruins remain. Childless women travel from places as far as Quetta and Karachi to put Pooran’s well to the test.