SADIQABAD-Religious organisations lauded the Islamabad High Court’s verdict regarding acquittal of Hamid Saeed Kazmi from all corruption charges.

At a meeting held here, Jamaat Ahle Sunnat office-bearers said that exoneration of Hamid Saeed Kazmi from all corruption charges is triumph of truth. They said that Hamid Saeed belongs to a religious and respected family, adding that members of the family have never been involved in any irregularity. At the end of the meeting, the participants prayed for Kazmi’s life and health.

JAS chief organiser Haji Afzal, general secretary Khursheed Ahmed, Qari Imam Bakhsh and Qari Allah Yar attended the meeting.

On the other hand, the Faizan-e-Mustafa Party (FMP) said that Hamid Saeed Kazmi is a respectable scholar and his religious and political sacrifices for the country are undeniable. FMP deputy general secretary Rashid Saeed Saeedi said that Kazmi has hundreds of thousands of disciples across the country whose prayers for their spiritual leader resulted in his acquittal. “After verdict of the honourable court, no evidence is required to prove Kazmi’s innocence in Hajj corruption scandal,” he pointed out.

On the other hand, a rally was taken out by Tanzeemus Saeed to celebrate Kazmi’s acquittal of corruption charges. Participants of the rally, after marching on different roads, reached Sadiqabad Press Club. Addressing the participants, speakers including Dr Wahiduz Zaman and Qari Rafique Saeedi said that those who attempted to tarnish reputation of Kazmi have failed in their intentions. The participants celebrated his acquittal by distributing sweets.