ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister of Inter-Provincial Coordination Riaz Hussain Pirzada has said that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has become a hen which gives golden eggs to be shared by the influential persons particularly with respect to their foreign tours.

He said this while presenting details of foreign tours by PCB officials and governing board members in the National Assembly session. Honorary post holders Shahryar Khan and Najam Sethi have spent millions of rupees on foreign tours. The PCB spent Rs60 million on the officials’ foreign trips in last 3 years.

Sethi embarked on 27 foreign tours and spent Rs10.02 million, besides taking Rs5 million as daily allowance, while Shaharyar undertook 11 tours and spent Rs 5.5 million. The millions of rupees monthly salary-taking staff has also been enjoying other perks and privileges.  He further said: “PCB COO Subhan Ahmed took a number positions in foreign tours and embarked on 32 foreign tours and spent Rs8.7 million. GM International Cricket Usman Wahla also enjoyed 23 foreign tours and spent Rs10.03 million and GM Logistic Asad Mustafa spent Rs10.03 million.

“The PCB also passed on benefits to governing board members and spent Rs7.1 million on their foreign trips. Mansoor Ali Khan, Ijaz Farooqui, Shakil Shakih, Ijaz Chaudhry and Gullzada were the beneficiaries,” he added.