ISLAMABAD: National Engineering and Scientific Commission (Nescom) has proposed a comprehensive safety model to the Ministry of Railways to help control the train collisions and accidents on level crossings.

Connected with a radio link, the system would be installed in the locomotive and at level crossings simultaneously, which will have warning lights and sirens to keep people alert, sources in the Ministry of Railways told APP. They said the locomotive speed system, vision systems, electro-mechanical system, train approaching warning system and train collision avoiding system would be devised to curb accidents in future.

According to the sources, as many as 338 minor and major accidents have been occurred over Railway network in the country during the period from January 2013 to December 2016. Out of which, 149 were major accidents while 189 fall in category of minor accidents, they added.

245 accidents were caused due to negligence of road users while negotiating the manned, unmanned level crossing and unauthorised locations. In all these cases the responsibility of the accidents lie on the road users under section 91/1 of Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1965, and sections 128 and 129 of Railways Act, they stated.