LAHORE -  A solo exhibition titled “The story of myself and some friends in these fragments of daily loves” was held Friday at National College of Arts featuring the artwork of Abdullah Qureshi, a graduate of The Chelsea School of Art and Design.

The artist focused on portraits of men, through which he explores ideas of masculinity, intimacy and desire.

The imagination which evokes vulnerability and raw emotion can be seen as a radical shift within Qureshi’s oeuvre signaling his maturing awareness of the self that manifests in stark political and visceral ways. The medium which was used in the painting was enamel paint on inkjet print and on canvas. Talking to The Nation, Abdullah Qureshi said that he has always been interested in the history of painting in particular abstract and representation. “My focus was to create creepy, distorted and melted portraits to define my theme and encourage young artists to come and learn this medium of painting,” he added.