Recently two transgender persons have been tortured to death in Saudi Arabia because of dressing up as women. 

No court, no law just thresh people like animals; that’s Saudi Arabia. Torturing humans after throwing them into bags and beating them with stick is their law. Ending someone’s life without a court ruling is in itself illegal but not for Saudi Arabia. 

Two basic holy places of Islam, Kabbah and Madina are in Saudi Arabia which never means Saudi’s own them. 

KSA even would not allow transgender persons to perform hajj or Umrah, Saudi council general in Islamabad, in a notification issued to TAAP, warned against granting visas to transgender persons for Umrah pilgrimage in 2016. Like transgender persons aren’t God’s creation but made artificially. Kabbah is not the property of Saudi Arabia, it is Allah’s property and every Muslim has a right to visit it. It is just ineligibility of KSA rulers not to accept God’s creation. Not even a single politician condemned on this act as the life of a transgender isn’t of any value to anyone 

Transgender persons are humans for God sake please accept them as humans, despite of treating them as animals or bitter than animals. 


Nawabshah, March 10.