The citizens of Karachi tend to visit Hawkes Bay for relaxation to get away from the hectic city life. People go there along with their families and friends but very few care about the cleanliness of the beach. Some even add on to the existing trash.

A few days back I visited Turtle Beach with some of my friends to enjoy the weekend. There I saw school students holding brooms in their hands and cleaning the beach. It was a welcome sight to see even small children cleaning the beach. I came to know that it was part of the Clean Karachi Campaign organized by Indus Motor Company and I am Karachi.

The students were putting their best during the cleaning drive and representatives from both the organizations took part in the activity as well. It was good to see that among different areas of the city, Toyota-Indus Motor Company and IAK did a cleaning activity at the beach to spread awareness among all visitors to the beach.


Karachi, March 14.