This is reference your editorial comments on recent election for Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate. PML(N) must look within their own house and review their criterion and choice of candidates for award of tickets to Senate during present tenure. Was MNS accessible to his own parliamentarians while he was PM of Pakistan? How many times did MNS go to Senate and NA of Pakistan during his tenure, excluding the days of controversial Dharna? The former PM even chose to spend almost every Eid while in office, either in London or Saudi Arabia, with his family, instead of in Pakistan. 

As for addressing problems of deprived residents of Baluchistan, the choice of Raisani by PPP and Zehri by PML(N) only proves that they do not walk their talk. Both Raisani and Zehri abstained from Baluchistan and preferred to live in Karachi, Islamabad or Dubai. Zehri spent no more than two days every month in the province while Raisani would not even bother to come for months. Same was situation during Musharraf junta tenure, who managed to alienate even those Baloch leaders who over the years had been loyal to federation. His unpardonable brutal murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti has done immense harm to federation. 

There has been no change from days of British Raj who as an occupation force preferred to control this area by bribing tribal leaders. After independence this mechanism should have been disbanded and instead Federal Government should have ensured that funds were spent on deprived masses by providing them basic education, health and clean drinking water, which has not happened. 

Many doubts arise about motive being forwarded by opposition political parties who chose to somehow get together, inspite of their declaration never to vote for each other. Such political engineering, if it occurred, has only harmed this country. For Pakistan to survive and prosper it must revert to Quaid’s vision of a modern democratic welfare with no space for autocratic rule. 


Lahore, March 15.